Key witness in Assange case jailed in Iceland after admitting to lies and ongoing crime spree

Key wit­n­ess in Assange ca­se jai­led in Ice­land af­ter admitt­ing to lies and ongo­ing crime spree

The judgment utilizes a rar­ely in­vo­ked law in­t­ended to stop repeat of­f­end­ers from runn­ing amok and accumulat­ing crim­inal cases before the system has a chance to catch up.
In his own words: Assange witness explains fabrications

In his own words: Assange wit­n­ess explains fabricati­ons

A maj­or wit­n­ess in the United States’ Depart­ment of Justice ca­se against Ju­li­an Assange casts ser­i­ous dou­bt on statements found in the indict­ment against the Wiki­leaks found­er.
Criticizes the Tivoli in Copenhagen: "We Greenlanders are just objects on posters"

Criticizes the Tivoli in Copen­hagen: "We Green­land­ers are just obj­ects on posters"

The Green­landic musician Varna Mari­anne Niel­sen was used to advertise a cultural fair about Green­land that she did not participa­te in. The fair was held in the Tivoli in Copen­hagen in the beg­inn­ing of Aug­ust. She was never asked for permissi­on before the photo was used. Varna claims that the Tivoli would never have do­ne this to a Dan­ish art­ist. The Tivoli says its sorry.
Key witness in Assange case admits to lies in indictment

Key wit­n­ess in Assange ca­se admits to lies in indict­ment

A maj­or wit­n­ess in the United States’ Depart­ment of Justice ca­se against Ju­li­an Assange has admitted to fabricat­ing key accusati­ons in the indict­ment against the Wiki­leaks found­er.
The Fishrot-case: 9 out of 10 Icelanders believe that Samherji bribed Namibian politicians
EnglishHeimavígi Samherja

The Fis­hrot-ca­se: 9 out of 10 Iceland­ers believe that Sam­herji bri­bed Nami­bi­an politicians

The maj­o­rity of Ice­land's pop­ulati­on believes that the is­land's lar­gest fis­hing comp­any, Sam­herji, bri­bed politicians in Nami­bia to get acquire hor­se mack­erel quotas. The so cal­led Fis­hrot ca­se is the lar­get corrupti­on scan­dal that has come up in Nami­bia and Ice­land and ten su­spects will be indicted in it in Namb­ia.
WikiLeaks FBI informant accused of forging documents

Wiki­Leaks FBI in­form­ant accu­sed of forg­ing docu­ments

Bus­iness partners say that Sig­ur­d­ur Thor­d­ar­son, one of the lea­ding figures in the U.S. go­vern­ment's ca­se against Wiki­Leaks found­er Ju­li­an Assange, for­ged a lawyer's signature to fa­ke 100 milli­on ISK in start­ing capital in his comp­anies.
OPCW management accused of doctoring Syrian chemical weapons report

OPCW mana­gement accu­sed of doctor­ing Syri­an chemical wea­pons report

Wiki­leaks today pu­blis­hes an e-mail, sent by a mem­ber of an OPCW fact-find­ing missi­on to Syria to his super­i­ors, in which he expresses his gra­vest concern over in­tenti­onal bi­as introduced to a redacted versi­on of the report he co-aut­hor­ed.
An Icelandic fishing company bribed officials in Namibia and used Norway's largest bank to  transfer 70 million dollars to a tax haven

An Icelandic fis­hing comp­any bri­bed officials in Nami­bia and used Norway's lar­gest bank to trans­fer 70 milli­on doll­ars to a tax haven

Ice­land lar­gest fis­hing comp­any Sam­herji used accounts in DNB NOR, a stately ow­ned Norweg­i­an to trans­fer the proceeds of its fis­hing in Africa. Part of the mo­ney comes from Sam­herji's fis­hing of hor­se mack­erel in Nami­bia were the comp­any has paid bri­bes to officials to secure its access to quotas.
Iceland PM: Trump's remarks are "unacceptable"
EnglishUmræða um rasisma

Ice­land PM: Trump's remarks are "unaccepta­ble"

Katrín Jak­obs­dótt­ir, Prime Mini­ster of Ice­land, expresses supp­ort for the Hou­se resoluti­on condemn­ing Trump’s "racist comm­ents".
Hatari on the Israeli occupation of Palestine: “A case of the strong preying upon the weak”

Hat­ari on the Isra­eli occupati­on of Palest­ine: “A ca­se of the strong prey­ing upon the weak”

The Eurovisi­on Song Contest is political by nature, say mem­bers of the Icelandic le­ather-clad techno-punk art col­lecti­ve Hat­ari. The follow­ing in­terview was orig­inally pu­blis­hed in Icelandic on Febru­ary 8, 2019.
Burned out and lost his will to live after working at an Icelandic hotel

Burned out and lost his will to li­ve af­ter work­ing at an Icelandic hotel

A for­mer chef and his col­leagu­es descri­be their experience of work­ing at the Radis­son Blu 1919 hotel in central Reykja­vík. The entire break­fast staff was term­ina­ted and of­f­ered new contracts with fewer hours and more obligati­ons. The hotel mana­ger says the term­inati­ons were a part of structural changes from the hotel chain.
Four women describe sexual harassment by former foreign minister

Four women descri­be sex­ual harass­ment by for­mer for­eign mini­ster

In a series of in­terviews with Stund­in, four women alle­ge sex­ual harass­ment by Jón Bald­vin Hanni­bals­son, for­mer for­eign mini­ster, mem­ber of parlia­ment and ambassa­dor. The most recent incident recoun­ted took place in the sum­mer of 2018. Two women descri­be harass­ment at the age of 13 or 14, when Jón Bald­vin was their teacher in the late 1960s.
MPs caught on tape in misogyny and corruption scandal

MPs caug­ht on tape in misogyny and corrupti­on scan­dal

For­mer prime mini­ster Sig­mund­ur Dav­íð Gunn­laugs­son, previ­ously exposed in the Panama Papers, was caug­ht on tape in a bar with fellow MPs discuss­ing female MPs in a derogatory way. The MPs promised favors to MPs of ot­her parties, disc­losed quid pro quo deals and fabula­ted rape allegati­ons.
Varoufakis to stand in European election, calls for “Green New Deal” and an end to austerity

Varoufa­k­is to stand in Europe­an electi­on, calls for “Green New Deal” and an end to auster­ity

“The EU will eit­her be democratised or it will dis­in­tegra­te,” for­mer Greek fin­ance mini­ster Yan­is Varoufa­k­is tells Stund­in. “And if, in the end, it does dis­in­tegra­te on­ly the forces of neo-fascism will be strengt­hened across the cont­in­ent.“